Komnas Perempuan reports that the number of women who are victims of abuse increases every year. The sufferings of these victims are not just statistics, but are realities that are happening around us everyday. For every victim, there is someone who suffer; there are crushed spirits and hope.

Wiping tears off victims’ faces, listening to their struggles, and restore their smiles, and lift their hope and spirits, are our duties to uphold humanitarian values.

Now, Yayasan Pulih is focussing on opening trauma recovery service, especially for women and children who are victims of abuse. To that end, to support and expand the support to women and children who are victims of abuse, Yayasan Pulih invites everyone to be a part of the cause to assist the recovery of these abuses through donations. Every money that is donated to Yayasan Pulih will be used to support the victims’ recoveries of these abuses.

To Donate:

Transfer donation: 

Bank Mandiri, Cabang Kemang Raya, Jakarta

a.n. Yayasan Pulih

Nomor Rekening: 126-00-0401572-2

After donating, please contact Yayasan Pulih at:

Telephone: 021 7884 2580

Whatsapp: 0811 843 6633

Email: pulihfoundation@gmail.com

When donors contact Yayasan Pulih, please provide personal information: Name, Telephone/Email, and home/office addresses. Donors database is used for financial statements and to inform and to invite donors to events and activities organized by Yayasan Pulih.

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