1. What is Yayasan Pulih?

Yayasan Pulih is a community-based nonprofit organization that was founded to meet the needs for affordable psychological services.

  1. Who is in Yayasan Pulih?

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  1. What are the programs run by Yayasan Pulih?

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  1. What are the forms of collaboration with Yayasan Pulih?

Yayasan Pulih often works with various organizations to provide services and psychoeducation in the form of seminars, trainings, workshops that are relevant to issues Yayasan Pulih works on in specific or broad way. Other than that, Yayasan Pulih runs “Care for Caregivers” program or self-care activities for humanitarian workers, which can be tailored to the attendees’ needs.

  1. I am looking for psychologists that can provide training or become a source of information. Can Yayasan Pulih provide those? And what are the topics that they have?

Yes, Yayasan Pulih has partner psychologists and young facilitators who have received trainings on issues that Pulih focuses on.

Topics that we discuss: domestic abuse, healthy relations, relationships without abuse, non-violent parenting, gender-based parenting, sexual education to children and teenagers, sexual violence, involving men and children on preventing violence on women and children, and other themes

  1. How to invite Yayasan Pulih as a facilitator or source of information? 

Collaboration can be requested through contacting Yayasan Pulih at phone number: 021-78842580 or email at pulihfoundation@gmail.com

  1. What is Yayasan Pulih’s counseling services?

In person service is a part of Yayasan Pulih that is designed for those in the general public who need psychological services. The psychologists who serve clients are from different sectors, from clinics for adults, from clinics for children, and from educational institutions.

  1. What kind of direct services that Yayasan Pulih offers?

Services that are offered:

Psychological Counseling: face-to-face services between clients and psychologists. This service can be done individually, in couple, in groups, or with family. 

Psychological examinations and expert witnesses: For clients who are requested by relevant legal institutions to help with legal processes.

Psychological assistance: assistance service that is for clients who are undergoing legal processes and need psychological assistance to help them on their problems.

Psychological Test: Clients or referrals undergo psychological tests and interviews for various needs such as academics needs, talent and interest needs, or employment needs. Employment needs include personal assessment.

Email Counseling: Counseling through electronic media, which is through emails. The emails are replied regularly by psychologists.

  1. What the cases that are handled by Yayasan Pulih’s Direct Services?

Yayasan Pulih accepts various issues and cases like:

  1. Adjustment issues
  2. Emotion management issues
  3. Social relationship and coworkers issues
  4. Relationship and couple issues
  5. Marriage issues
  6. Child behavior issues
  7. Family issues and conflicts
  8. Trauma management
  9. Violence against women (domestic violence, violence in relationship, sexual violence)
  10. Violence on children
  11. Academic career or work issues
  12. Are there issues that Yayasan Pulih’s in-person service does not handle?

For now, Yayasan Pulih does not offer psychiatric service or pharmacological services in person. If there are clients who need these services, we will refer them to psychiatrists.

  1. What are the differences between Psychological examination and counseling?

Psychological examination is a psychological service catering to legal processes that is offered by Yayasan Pulih clinic. This examination can be done if there’s referral letter from legal advisors or related institutions, stating the needs of information on clients’ psychological conditions after a traumatic or violent events or cases. Usually, this examination is needed by clients who undergo legal processes that relates to the events that the clients experience. This process has a special procedure that can be known from contacting Yayasan Pulih directly.

  1. I want to recover from a traumatic event, how many times should I attend counseling before I can be healed?

Psychological recovery after a traumatic event is different for everyone. It depends on factors such as the traumatic events, their duration, and other factors. The number of meetings cannot be accurately determined because the meetings need to be tailored to the needs of the clients.

  1. How do I contact Yayasan Pulih and get psychological services?

Psychological services can be accessed through making an appointment earlier. Clients who come directly cannot get psychological access because there’s no standby psychologists.

  1. How much do Yayasan Pulih’s psychological services cost?

Since 2019, the price for psychological services is Rp.200,000 on weekdays and Rp. 300,000 on Saturdays. With exception of Saturdays, the cost is flexible and clients can pay as much as they financially can. Yayasan Pulih is open to clients paying more than the assigned cost, as it can be used to subsidize the costs for clients who cannot afford them.

  1. How’s the quality of Yayasan Pulih’s psychological clinic?

Every Yayasan Pulih’s psychologists has “Surat Ijin Praktek Psikolog (Psychology Practice License)”. They can work professionally as psychologists and have the additional abilities on perspectives regarding human rights issues, gender equality, and understanding on violence against women. 


We still charge administrative costs for cases from referrals.

For psychological checks: has to have referral letter and request letter from institution. There should be at least five meetings. Clients should also fill a consent form.