Psychological Consultation

Psychological services are intended to provide psychological services to everyone that needs them, especially those who are impacted psychologically from violent events, conflicts, natural disasters, and other traumatizing events. Also included consultations for psychological issues faced by print and electronic media journalists, humanitarian workers, survivors’ caregivers, and human rights fighters as consequences from their works. Therefore, psychological services at Yayasan Pulih accepts clients from various backgrounds: men, women, children, teenagers, adults. These services are provided individually, to families, or in groups. 

However, currently Yayasan Pulih do not provide psychological consultations for drug addictions, chronic diseases, severe psychiatric disorders, children with special needs.


Other than accepting clients directly, Yayasan Pulih also accepts referrals from other institutions that needs Pulih’s psychological services.

Psychological Examinations

From referrals or requests from networked institutions, Yayasan Pulih can conduct psychological examinations for cases that are being processed legally. The examination results are in the form of certificates given to the referrers.

For further information about the services outlined above, please contact:

021-78842580 or via Whatsapp at 08118436633 (during office times).